Best Place To Trade Cryptocurrency With Lowest Fees

Best Place To Trade Crypto With Lowest Fees.

Crypto is a new emerging market and from there emerges multiple different trading platforms all fighting to be number one.
After research the best cryptocurrency trading platform with top reviews, unrivalled security and cheapest fees is simply Binance.

The Ninja’s second choice would be Bittrex however fees are expensive and volume has dropped rapidly.
So if your new to crypto and/or new to trading then Binance is a great place to start.

Binance has most of the best coins all in one place for you to trade but you will need to send bitcoin to the exchange to get started.  If you don’t have Binance already CLICK HERE to register for free.

The best thing about binance is the easy to follow charts.  Simple you can day trade or hold for long term (Aka hodl).
I know your excited and wanting to dive in but first before choosing a coin you must decide a strategy.

-For holding you really should dig deeper into the coin and find out if it is something you believe in and has a future.
-For day trading simply buy the dip and sell high but make sure you have watched the market and charts for a short while before trading.
-Becoming a ninja also means practice makes perfect! So get a pen and do some practice trades, write down when you would buy and when it sells and see how you get on.

When your ready to start and jump in, we definitely recommend 0.005btc per trade amount and grow with confidence as you see the profits.

Make sure you buy some BNB coins which will make your trading fees much cheaper.  One of the reasons Binance is so popular is because when you buy some BNB you get much cheaper trading fees than anywhere else!

The number one rule when it comes to trading and investing is only risk what your willing to lose.  This is a new industry and no one knows the outcome so be careful of these so called ‘gurus’.



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