Profit Trailer – Is It The Best Crypto Trading Bot?

Profit Trailer is an award-winning web software, used by thousands of traders worldwide for building their crypto portfolio. Profit Trailer is proud to outperform many other crypto-trading bots on the market today with many different settings and strategies for the volatile crypto market.

Profit Trailer – An Expert Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

One of the worlds greatest crypto bots giving more consistent positive trades and better results .  Profit Trailer smashes the competition but it does take some getting used to and is NOT RECOMMENDED for people who have none or very little experience with computers.  (another words computer illiterates)

PT Ease of Use and Setup

The initial setup can take some time even if you do have experience however compared to alternative bots on the market Profit Trailer is much easier than its rival ‘GunBot’.

You can even run PT from a Rasberry Pi!

After testing Profit Trailor on the computer it was clear that this trading bot really does the job however we recommend you to set up a VPS so that the bot is running 24/7 without you worrying about the pc being on all the time cutting into your profits with the electricity bill.

The cheapest and best VPS we could find for running a trading bot is Linode.  Starting at 5dollars a month, however minimum requirements for Profit Trailer is 1gb Ram and so you will need at least the 10dollars VPS plan.

Profit Trailer Ninja Summary

  • Lifetime License and updates with optional addon Profit Feeder costing 0.03btc (On Top of 0.05btc for PT)
  • Easier to manually set up than most competitors but not recommended for the novice
  • Cheaper than its competitors at 0.05btc but take note of other running costs and addons
  • Great support however due to the amount of customers can take 24-hours to get a response
  • Profit Trailer out of the box did not get many trades which meant lots of tweaking and fiddling with code and configs
  • Many scammers trying to sell you their “VIP Profit Trailer Settings” in the support group


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